DESI is a Stage IV ground-based dark energy experiment that will study baryon acoustic oscillations (BAO) and the growth of structure through redshift-space distortions (RSD) with a wide-area galaxy and quasar redshift survey. DESI is the successor to the successful Stage III BOSS redshift survey and complements imaging surveys such as the Stage III Dark Energy Survey (DES, operating 2013-2018) and the Stage IV Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST, planned start early in the next decade). DESI is an important component of the DOE Cosmic Frontier program, meeting the need for a wide-field spectroscopic survey identified in the 2011 “Rocky-III” dark energy community planning report. In addition to providing Stage IV constraints on dark energy, DESI will provide new measurements that can constrain theories of modified gravity and inflation, and will provide cutting-edge limits on the sum of neutrino masses.

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